Property Investment Mentorship for Beginners

Own your first investment property in 16 weeks.

"I will take you from property curiosity to owning your first
investment property in sixteen weeks"


Why is this program for you?

  • Are you a medical doctor or high-income professional who is tired of working long hours with little returns?

  • Are you feeling Shackled to the profession like I was, and wondering how to maximise the savings you have?

  • Are you about to retire and realise that your pension pay out is not going to sustain your lifestyle?

  • Then this 16-week personal mentorship program is for you.

What you get

  1. Weekly elaborate Mentorship Sessions (up to 2 hours) and Course-pack: Video and text material

  2. Goals setting and personalized investment strategy

  3. Identification and Introduction to Cashflow Deals

  4. Guidance to concluding property purchase

  5. Introduction to your “Power Team”

About PropDocMom

I have worked in the medical field for over 22 years as a medical advisor in Occupational Medicine, Digital Health, Public Health (HIV/ AIDS Management). On the surface- I looked like and walked like a great success. Maybe I was- because public health is my first love. But I couldn’t get over the fact that I continued to chase my financial goals- I had little savings, my investments were growing at a disappointing pace and the financial advisors and planners had NO IDEA of how to get me to my financial goals.
I sometimes juggled THREE work assignments just to pay for my lifestyle- I love to travel. When my daughter was born at age 40- I had a new responsibility and I introduced her to travel too. This should read as follows... “I now had to save for retirement while I was giving her the best education. I wanted to travel, LIVE in the same nice house, wanted to change my car and that is when I realized that my medical advisory salary was never going to allow me to achieve this.
-Dr. Miranda

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